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Casio Reviews

Casio Reviews

Casio was established in 1946 by Tadao Kashio, a Japanese engineer and in 1957 the Casio Computer Co Ltd, as it is now called was formed. Known mainly for manufacturing calculators, watches and other small electronic devices, it came a surprise to the music industry when in 1980 Casio introduced their first electronic keyboard the CT-201.

In 1986 they launched their first digital piano the CPS-201 followed by several other models including the AP7 in 1991. This was the first Celviano model, a name which has been adopted for all Casio traditional style digital pianos. In 2003 the first Privia model, the PX-100 was introduced with huge success, and since then Casio has become one of the major manufacturers in the lower priced digital piano market.

Casio currently produce 2 ranges of digital pianos, the Privia PX series and Celviano AP models along with a great line of arranger keyboards and now synthsesizer products.

Posted by in Casio Reviews on February 25, 2014 .

Casio PX-750 Review

Casio introduced the first Privia models around ten years ago, and caused quite a stir among other digital piano manufacturers. Up to that time, no major keyboard company had offered a range of pianos at such a low price point. Things have certainly changed over the last...

Posted by in Casio Reviews on February 25, 2014 .

Casio PX-150 Review

The PX-150 is the first model in Casio’s Privia range of pianos. The PX-150 and PX-750 are basically the same instruments in a different design, so you will find that many parts of the two reviews are identical.

First Impressions

The PX-150 follows the lines of...

Posted by in Casio Reviews on August 27, 2013 .

Casio AP-250 Review

The AP-250 is the first model in the Casio Celviano range of pianos. The piano is basically the same as the Privia PX-150 and PX-750, and this review will highlight the differences. However, the main part will be identical to the review of the Privia models, except for...

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