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Buyers Guides

Our Digital Piano Buyers Guide articles will assist you in deciding which digital piano is a perfect fit for you.

Posted by in Buyers Guides on February 20, 2014 .

Digital Piano Technical Terms (Terminology)

Keyboard Action (Weighted Keys)

How the action of an acoustic piano is reproduced on a digital instrument.

Most manufacturers now incorporate a graded action, whereby the weighting of the keys becomes slightly heavier as you move from the...

Posted by in Buyers Guides on February 20, 2014 .

Acoustic or Digital?

Buying a piano, whether it is acoustic or digital, is a considered purchase and therefore it is important that you can make an informed choice when it comes to parting with your hard earned cash. Some people will have already decided whether to go down the acoustic or...

Posted by in Buyers Guides on April 03, 2013 .

Shopping Tips

Purchasing a digital piano can be a difficult process, especially for beginner pianists or parents with no knowledge of the instrument buying one for their children. For more experienced players, it is perhaps not so difficult when it comes to the selection process as they...

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