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Kawai EP3 Portable Digital Piano
Kawai EP3 Portable Digital

Brand: Kawai
Product Code: KAW-EP3
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List Price: $1,499.00
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From The Manufacturer
EP3 Piano
F10 Sustain Pedal
Music Rest
Power Supply
Owner's Manual
Description Specification

Kawai EP3 Portable Digital Piano

Regardless of whether you're playing a gig on stage, practicing for a piano recital at home, accompanying the local church choir, or studying Beethoven in the classroom, the EP3 is an excellent solution. Compact and portable, this multipurpose digital piano offers authentic weighted keyboard action, an impressively powerful speaker system, and an intelligent selection of great sounds, providing a range of musical opportunities - wherever the venue, whatever the occasion.

Powerful speaker system
The EP3 features an improved 6-speaker sound system, utilizing speaker box enclosures to provide deep bass and crisp treble frequencies. This unique design allows for a compact, portable instrument that is great for live stage performances, while standard LINE OUT jacks are also included for effortless connectivity should additional amplification be required.

Exceptional Tone
Capturing the beautiful sound of KAWAI's highly acclaimed hand-crafted concert grand pianos, the EP3 employs proprietary Harmonic Imaging technology to faithfully reproduce the broad dynamic range of these exceptional instruments. Additional string resonance and damper effects are also applied, delivering rich tones with breathtaking authenticity.

Authentic Piano Touch
The redesigned Advanced Hammer Action IV-F keyboard accurately represents the touch of a traditional grand piano, grading key weight appropriately for each playing range. This inventive process allows greater stability during fortissimo passages, while preserving delicate pianissimo control, to satisfy the demands of even the most discerning pianist.

Professional Features
The EP3 is equipped with a host of powerful and professional features to assist both practice and performance. There's a built-in metronome with an additional 30 drum rhythms, USB to host jack for easy connectivity to computers, and even an audio input for connecting your favorite MP3 player or other audio device to the EP3's powerful speaker system.


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